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From our early days back in 1974 up to the present years have gone by, in which - timidly at first and then in full force - we have worked day by day to add to our project new designs, advanced finishes, state of the art materials, modern technology… with the resolute determination of being helpful to our clients. We have grown in product range, market presence, premises, technical and human resources. A lot of things have changed since then but not the constant commitment with quality, innovation and service, a fact that has allowed this long lasting path in a market that permanently selects and only permits survival of those who struggle everyday to be worthy of it.

In 2004 we moved head office and factory to newly built premises. From this new location we continuously intend to serve our clients in a more efficient way, if possible, by means of new production and organizational resources enabling us producing more, better and faster. One additional step in our enduring and verified disposition to assume the most demanding requirements.

IMAT’ s Quality Management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and focuses all its efforts on developing products and services to the satisfaction of the needs of the clients.

TÜVRheinlandCertificate Registr. No. 0.04.11090
Certificate Registr. No. 0.04.11090


IMAT since its creation is established as a firm with vocation to contribute to society by means of its designs and industrial creations offering typological and functional values as well as habitat improvement.

Design, quality, permanence, adaptation, commitment, respect and rectitude. As well as an aspiration we have always felt: to collaborate in the well-being of the people that have opted for sharing environment and life with us through our products.

All manufacturing processes are done with the maximum conscientious respect towards natural environment. Environment protection is a commitment we assume having set an environmental policy applicable to all activities of our company.

Our environmental policy is based in the following principles:
· Guide all individuals or organizations connected with the company towards sustainable development, integrating environmental respect.
· Assure fulfilment of environmental regulation and legislation.
· Assure that both, materials used and activities developed in the company, regard all environmental aspects, searching to avoid or minimize all possible impacts by means of correct management of wastes.

Proof of our commitment to continual environmental improvement and sustainability efforts is the achievement of the ISO 14001:2004 certification.

TÜVRheinland Certificate Registr. No. 3.00.12134
Certificate Registr. No. 3.00.12134


IMAT has a permanent commitment towards excellence. To achieve this, highest quality and sustainable development are fundamental objectives of our company.

All our production processes are subjected to highest quality requirements of the European Union and, more importantly, at IMAT we certify the European origin of the integrity of the materials used.

In other words, attributes such as reliability, durability, precision and ease of operation are part of IMAT’s continuous self-demandingness, in order to ensure the permanent trust of our clients and a differential competitive value.

We positively know that quality is imperative for our clients. A clear example to illustrate this is the trust that they demonstrate when they come back to us to make extension orders or further phases of their projects, as it can be checked in our reference list.

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